Establishing Hierarchical Objectives and Key Results

Time Proven Framework for Creating
Unified Vision & Goal Driven Alignment

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OKRs may be formulated across various tiers of an organizational framework, spanning from enterprise to portfolio, program, or team levels, and interconnected through parent/child associations.

Establishing a hierarchical linkage between organizational and team objectives facilitates the alignment of task execution with company strategy, offering a unified perspective on the value generated by the organization.

Enabling understanding and visibility of OKRs across organization

Hierarchical Structure

Establish vertical hierarchy of mid- and short term objectives, define and visualize horizontal intersections, measure progress and value of each team's contribution towards the common goal.

Cross-Team Kanban Boards

Provide real-time insights in projects state, facilitates collaboration between cross-functional teams and drive strategic alignment.

Role-Based Workspaces

Every issue that arises will be explained in detail. It’s time to start planning your adventures.

Objectives and Key Results

OKRs are time-proven framework successfully adopted by many leading organizations who aim to define key organizational goals and track progress toward achieving them.
Organization of any size can benefit from defining OKRs by bringing in organizational clarity and enabling leaders to answer the following questions:

Where do we want to go?

How do we measure our progress?

Who contributes in what way?