Employee Service Desk

Standardized and Automated Workplace Processes Streamlined from a Single Portal

All Departamental Services

Delivered from a Branded Central Services Hub

  • Easy to access and use request forms for driving efficient self-serviced work practices
  • Equitable workplace and quality of service for all employees, regardless of their location
  • Status visibility, option to share, chat, etc.
  • Approval requests with an option to approve/decline directly from email or chat

Continuous Process Improvement

Enabled by Out-of-Box Standard Reports and Custom Built Dashboards

  • Internal SLAs for managing expectations and process quality
  • Automatically captured and delivered data insights for detecting process bottleneck and duplications
  • Automated reminders, notifications and alerts
  • Effective way to implement policies in practice and nudge desired behaviors
  • Minimizing costs and risks by standardizing processes

Continuous Process Improvement

Enabled by Out-of-Box Standard Reports and Custom Built Dashboards

  • Empowering people to have their voice heard via suggestions portal
  • Continuous improvement of training materials through feedback (micro-surveys) and comparative performance analysis
  • Enable open and anonymous feedback on every piece of content for all employees
  • Curated Onboarding experiene for the new employees, regardless of their location
  • Cross-departmental coordination and progress visibility
  • Automated cascading tasks can be triggered by completion of previous task and assigned to the right team
  • Sourcing candidates from internal pool before external markets
  • Enabling referral program for high volume recruitment and busy season
  • Announcing all newly open vacancies with a link to referral module
  • Time based and milestone based project budgeting
  • Revenue, costs and cashflow projections based on demand pipeline
  • Auto tracking of budget consumption based on timesheets, resource rates, milestones achieved, approvals, etc.¬†
  • Automated cost allocation to accounts and custom categories¬†
  • Benefit realization in real time, A/R tracking, revenue recognition, margin control

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Time-Based Invoicing

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