Enterprise Grade Approach to New Hire Onboarding

Deliver exceptional new hire experiences with streamlined, mobile-friendly Onboarding process template, supporting fast, borderless business expansion.

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It is a well known fact that for both on-site and remote new hires their experience during their first months with the company has direct correlation with long-term retention and engagement. However, onboarding process in a distributed company remains a pain point for many small companies and large enterprises.

Siloed Onboarding Challenges

No Centralized Tracking System

There is no single platform where the status of a new hire's onboarding can be tracked. This decentralization leads to inefficiencies, as each team operates in silos without visibility into the overall progress.

Suboptimal New Hires' Experience

Due to the lack of coordination and visibility, new hires often face delays and confusion during their onboarding. This negatively impacts their initial experience with the company, potentially affecting their engagement and productivity.

Unclear Milestones and Status

Without a centralized tracking system, it is difficult to define and monitor key milestones in the onboarding process. This lack of clarity can lead to important steps being overlooked or delayed.

Onboarding Status Transparency for All Departments Invoved

IT Department

Manages account provisioning, access permissions, and procures and configures necessary equipment and software.

Human Resources

Oversees the recruitment process, including background checks and initial interviews, and manages initial HR procedures such as benefits enrollment and policy training.

Facilities Management

Handles access to physical workspaces, including office keys and security badges, and provides physical workplace tools and ergonomic equipment.‚Äč